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Sep 22, 2020

The Kevin Long Show 74 Kickstarter

      The Arcane Brotherhood.  I am all about groups and with magic comes, bad things could come also.


      Disney Villains Monopoly.  They want you to cheat. Now I know that is how you get ahead in life, but maybe we could let kids figure that out on their own.  That being said we are sure to get this game.


Business:  Don’t forget to tell your friends if you like the show, and tell your enemies if you don’t like the show.  We have a Kofi account, just search The Kevin Long Show.  And don’t forget the Teepublic shop.


Spotlight:  This week we are going to cast the Spotlight on Questwise.  This dude has a Youtube channel he reviews game stuff.  I love the stuff he does. He also has some stuff on


Topic:  This week, I am thinking about Kickstarters and the Business that use it, Like Reaper mini’s and Troll Lord games and other places.  Now I am all for Kickstarter but I wonder if a business is really a business if they can only stay in business if they have to keep kickstarting.

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