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Jun 30, 2016

For 50 years the land of Rokugan, has lived in Peace. The last heroes of the land, were able to return WO Mai to his Acorn, with the help of Baba Yaga. For 50 years all has been well. But things are starting to look not so good for Rokugan.

Baba Yaga, has returned, and is looking for her payment for helping fight the Djinn. The problem is that she wants her payment to be in the form of the known world. To make things worse the Scorpion clan, is ready to declare war on the other clans, because they fell they should have been placed in the Empire.

The new heroes have their hands full, trying to stop a war that would change the face of the land for ever, and killing a witch that seems to never die. Find out what will happen in the O.A. III


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