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Mar 3, 2022

The Kevin Long show 92: Here There be Dragons

Thanks for joining us today.  If you like the show tell a friend, if you don’t like the show tell your enemies.


Business:  Did you know that the Kevin long show has a Ko-fi? I think there is something on the website about if you support the show I will turn you into a D&D  character. 3 dollar level gives you early access to all the podcasts.  At the 5 dollar level, you get Bonus Magic Monday and all the videos we make.  At the 20 dollars, you get the special Sports ball show.

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The Show: This week i talk about how the Tiamat min should  not be 500 Dollars.

DL1: Dragons of Despire

The King’s Castle:

The Temple of Zeus:

The Temple of Golden Nuts:

The Red Hand of Doom:


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