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Jan 6, 2022

The Kevin Long show 8: Setting shows.  

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Business:  Did you know that the Kevin long show has a Ko-fi? I think there is something on the website about if you support the show I will turn you into a D&D  character.

The Tee public shop.

Check out The Kevin Long Show on Youtube.  The Kevin Long Show 87: Ted is that you?

     Welcome to the 89th ep of The Kevin Long show.  If you like it please tell a friend, if you don’t like it tell your enemy.

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The Show: In this weeks show I talk about how what happened last year that made me happy.  We got a 5e version of Ravenloft, we learned that we will be going back to Kamagawa, and D&D 5.1 is coming.

The Swamp published two adventures 

The Temple of Golden Nuts:

Castle Roan:

What is coming this year?  So much Youtube stuff for the A series and Ravenloft, puls The King’s Castle.

The Kevin Long Show is produced by: Kevin Long and The Swamp.

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